Hold Each Other Accountable

Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.”

Do you take into account the well being of those around you?

You should go out of your way to uplift and inspire someone today. Maybe your friend is having a down day. Maybe you can offer a word of encouragement to bring about a smile to them today.

I believe that as you endeavor to uplift someone else, you will find the favor returned. Being accountable for one another is one thing that can bring a sense of togetherness in your environment.

Wherever you go try to take into account those around you. Seek ways to enlighten and bring about a positive change to someone today. Share an encouraging story or an inspiring quote.

Tell a joke or make someone laugh today – or maybe you can simply go up to someone and ask if you can pray with them.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten-thousand to flight. – Deuteronomy 32:30

Do you live by the “if you want it done right, do it yourself” creed? Sometimes you just have to look outside of yourself and welcome the opportunity of teamwork.

Whether venturing in a dynamic duo or joining in on a team effort, you should place a great sense of value on welcoming the assistance of others. I heard a wise man say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” I totally agree.

In fact, a wise dream builder knows the importance of a joint collaboration. He knows that just like the scripture says that if two can put ten-thousand to flight, the dream is capable of becoming greater if three, four, or more come into play.

I encourage you today to think outside of the box. There are people all around you who together, you can all put infinite numbers to flight. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish together, if you just open yourself up to the possibilities.

Some of the greatest accomplishments known to man have been done in the form of a joint effort.

I think about a team of people building a house. There is much less strain on each individual when a crew of men are building the infrastructure than there is with just one or two people involved. The more people involved on the collaboration of an idea, the greater the vision and purpose.

The question we must ask ourselves is, why do we feel the need to do things by ourselves?

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