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When speaking words of life, it’s just as important how you speak them, as the words you say. When you’re expecting the fullness of what God has to offer, you can’t go about it with a “maybe” mentality. You can’t say “if the promises come to pass,” you must speak it boldly with confidence. Change your statement. Instead of saying “if the promises come to pass,” boldly declare, “when the promises come to pass.”

The word “if” indicates probability. It indicates that there is a chance it could happen as well as a chance it could not happen. Take a bold step today and speak with assurance. Speak with a new confidence. God wants to know that without a doubt, you believe the promises will come to pass.

It’s easy to make statements like, “if I make a good grade on the school exam,” or “If I find the love of my life,” or “If I get offered for the job.” But I’m telling you today, if you’re going to come into God’s best, you may have to make a few alterations to your statements.

Let this encourage you today, to change the “if” to “when.” “When I make the grade on the exam…” “When I find the love of my life…” “When I get offered for the job…” “When the healing comes…” “When I find restoration…”

You see, God responds to a bold statement. Dare to speak it with authority. Assurance. Get the nerve to speak with a confidence that says, no matter how things look, I know what God has is coming to pass. Put your faith on the line.

God is bigger than your current situation. He’s bigger than your problem. He’s bigger than the statistics. The statistics may say your chances are slim to none, but God defies all odds. It was never meant to be “if” the promises come to pass, no the scriptures say, “when it came to pass.”

So get your hopes up. Start speaking with a new confidence. The power is in your tongue. Speak with boldness, assurance. Know that in due time, God will pour out His blessings and favor for you in a whole new way!


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  • At 2014.02.07 07:32, Terrence said:

    I just discovered this site recently–it’s awesome!

    I’ll take it a step further–speak as if has been brought into real life. You don’t necessarily have to speak of it in front of other people (some could try to talk you out of it), but definitely speak it in moments when you’re alone, or in the presence of a supportive person.

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