You Weren’t Meant to Settle

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Many people believe they’ve gone as far as they can go in life. They’re convinced they reached their full potential, they’re over and done. They’ve reached their final plateau.

Maybe your dreams have died; you’ve exhausted your efforts. You’ve settled for mediocrity, you’ve settled somewhere that’s comfortable. But realize today, as long as God is working in you and through you, you will continue to grow. You’ll continue to stretch. Like Star Trek, you’ll boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

I’m telling you today to be bold. Dare to stretch yourself. Don’t be content to settle. Don’t be content to sit on the sidelines of life, your greatest blessing is in the end zone. Your greatest breakthrough will come when you step foot in unfamiliar territories.

Do you know that some of the greatest discoveries were made on unfamiliar territory? Some of the greatest breakthroughs were found in the unknown grounds of life.

So let this encouragement take root today, to know that what you have inside will take you further than you could imagine. Your potential is ever evolving, ever growing, ever progressing. You are stronger than you were yesterday. Tomorrow’s potential is greater than today’s. Next year’s potential is greater than this year’s.

You’ve got to keep pushing yourself. Strive to be all you can be. As long as you’re not content to settle, and you allow God to do a good work in you, you’ll come into new levels in life. You’ll continue to reach new heights. You’ll stretch far, above and beyond where you thought you could ever go.

I’m asking you today, where have you settled in life where you know you can stretch? Where have you accepted mediocrity and became comfortable? Dare to wake the dream up on the inside. If the dream has died, dream a new dream. Be open to new ideas in life. New concepts. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t doubt God. Your greatest blessing is still out in front of you. Your greatest days are yet to come. If you will take a step of faith and stretch yourself, you’ll come into the very best that God has for you!


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  • At 2014.01.16 08:00, Richard said:

    Thank you Jarrod!

    I love what you’re saying.

    I would like to add something about dreams that have died. I believe that there is no dream that you’ve had in the past that is so dead that our God cannot resurrect it.


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