What You Have Matters!

To the doctor, the scientist may have the perfect profession. To the scientist, the lawyer may have it better. To the lawyer, the governor may have the dream job. For the governor, his greatest desire could be to have a less stressful job; much like the town chef. Yet, the town chef wants to be the doctor. On and on, it’s an endless cycle.

Everybody is looking at everyone else and wanting what they have. You may be comparing what you have to the talents and abilities of your best friend. Maybe you’d rather sing or dance. Or, maybe you wish you had the ability to make people laugh. But let me tell you, what you have matters too. You have something that stands out in a crowd; something that’s unique and spectacular.

It’s all Psychological. Human nature wants to place value on the very thing it doesn’t have. It seems that no matter what you have going for you, you’re always going to want what the next person has.

But you should know that God placed something special on the inside of you. You would be surprised at the capacity you have on the inside when you maximize the gifts God has given you.

Some of greatest in-demand professions are the ones that no one thought would thrive. You may think less of your baking skills, but bakeries are one of the most thriving businesses today because people like cookies. People love pastries.

Don’t discount your abilities. You may think that what you have doesn’t matter. But here’s one thing to remember, as long as you have breath in your body, somebody needs what you have.

It may not seem like much at first; every person has to start somewhere. Even the greatest stars had to take what was already birth into them and perfect it. But when you take your eyes off what others have going for them, and appreciate what you have going for you, you’ll begin to come up higher. You’ll begin to discover a level of talent that you never knew you had.

Take time out for yourself. Focus some energy on building up the gift God has placed in you. When you do so, you’ll go places you never thought you could go. You’ll do things you never thought possible. You’ll discover that your gift will make room for you and bring you before great people!


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