Remind God What He Said

Have you ever had someone come up to you and ask you for a favor? And you granted their request. Maybe you weren’t going to do it right away; in fact, maybe you weren’t going to do it for a few days, weeks, months, but you were going to do it.

It’s like how sometimes a child will go up to the parent and ask to go to Disney World. The parent says, “sure, yes we will go.” Now for most people, Disney World is not a trip that you can just uproot and go right away. Sometimes you have to get schedules in order. You may have to make a few phone calls and do a little planning.

The interesting thing is children have a boldness about them. They might turn around the next day, “Daddy, were still going to Disney World right?” “Yes, we’re still going.” The next week, “Daddy, are we still going to Disney World?” “Yes, we sure are.” And again the next month, and on and on until the time finally comes when they get to go to Disney World.

Sometimes, as adults we lose that boldness. We stop praying bold prayers. We stop reminding God what He said. You’ve prayed the prayer but you let doubt set in. You’ve allowed disbelief and insecurity to take root.

Well let me encourage you today to remind God of what He said. That doesn’t mean you keep asking over and over. It just means that with a grateful heart you say, “Lord, I’m thankful that you are already performing miracles on my behalf.” “I’m thankful that you’re doing the exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask or think.”

Your reminder to God is simply thanking Him in advance. Maybe you got an unexpected illness, “Lord, I thank you that you’re going to prosper me in good health even as my soul prospers.” Before the blessing even comes, “thank you that you’re making provisions.” Maybe you’re at a crossroad, “I’m thankful Lord that you’re guiding my steps. You’re making my paths straight in every area of my life.”

Just like a bold child, Go back to the Father and thank Him. Remind Him of what He has promised in your life. If God has promised it, will He not do it?

God responds to a grateful heart. Just like the one Leper who came back to thank Jesus, not only was he healed but he was made whole. Go to God with a grateful heart today. He will be generous and gracious to render an exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or think blessing. And you will walk into the overflow that God has for you!

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