Puzzled Out!

Have you ever worked one of those Jigsaw puzzles coming up as a child? Fresh out of the box, all the pieces would come out scattered. One by one, you’d try to section off the pieces and work the familiar parts. And if you were really good, you were able to get pretty far.

But without fail in every puzzle, you’ll come to at least one challenging point (especially if you have a lot of pieces.) You’ll come to a point where it tries your patience. It may work up some frustration, because the end result is just not coming together.

You looked at the picture on the box again and again. Back and forward, like a tennis match, your gaze is from the puzzle to the picture on the box trying to place it all together. Yet, it seems like there are a few remnant pieces you just can’t seem to place.

And if you have determination, eventually you’ll get it. It may take some time. It may take walking away and coming back a few hours later, or another day. But eventually, you’ll get to the finished product.

At times, life can be like a jigsaw puzzle. When God places a dream on your heart or a vision in your mind, you try desperately to fit the puzzle pieces together.

If you’re really dedicated, day and night, you’ll work to get closer toward reaching your God-given destiny. It may be easy at times while other times may be difficult. But just like the jigsaw puzzle, if you remain dedicated, if you’re consistent, you’ll start to see the puzzle pieces of life come together.

When you get discouraged, realize it’s just one difficult piece of the puzzle. Don’t throw your dreams away over one difficult piece. Don’t throw in the towel over what seems to be a missing piece. No stay in faith. Stay dedicated. Stay hopeful. In time, you’ll be able to place this puzzle piece together and move on to the next one.

Notice throughout this message, one word seems to repeat itself and that’s the word “dedication.” It’s an important part to placing the puzzle pieces of life together. It’s the one thing that will drive you.

Fuel your dedication with God’s strength, hope and grace today! It doesn’t mean you won’t take a break sometimes. It doesn’t mean it has to come together today or tomorrow or next week. It just means you don’t let the little obstacles stop you. It means through prayer, faith and hard work, the puzzle pieces will come together.

Be encouraged today. Stay hopeful. If you remain dedicated and consistent slowly but surely the puzzle pieces will come together. Then you’ll experience a Galatians 6:9 moment and reap a great harvest of blessing if you don’t give up!

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