The Voice of Insecurity

Every once in a while, we all hear that little voice of insecurity. It’s the voice that says, “you’re not good enough.” “You’re not worth it.” “You don’t deserve it.”

The enemy’s greatest plot, is for this voice to get inside and take root. Causing us to sabotage our God-given destiny. He wants us to forfeit the greatness that God has in store.

Too many fall prey to this voice of insecurity. They go around thinking that they’ll never be anything. They think they don’t have what it takes.

Insecurity is your worst enemy. It wants you take your eyes off the good things and focus on the bad. When you’re insecure, you compare yourself with others and focus on the negative.

But know this, insecurities are a figment of your imagination. It’s a blinder and it will lead you to sabotage the greatness that God has for you.

Deny the voice of insecurity. Tune into the voice that gives you security in who you are, what you deserve and what you can accomplish.

Walk away with this statement: “When you know who you are, you know who you aren’t.”

You are great, you’re not less than. You are unique. One of a kind. You’re an original. You’re not a copy cat. You’re not second best. You’re not “runner up.” No, God’s Word says you are a winner. You’re an overcomer. You are more than a conqueror!

Next time you hear the voice of insecurity, speak against it. Make a choice to dwell on the things that you have going for you. Remember, if God be for you no one or nothing can be against you.

With God on your side, no negative thought can keep you from coming into your best. No, so called “imperfection” can get in your way. Make a choice to deny the voice of insecurity today. Speak life, favor and blessings over your life. Then you’ll come into the greatness that God has for you as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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  • At 2012.10.28 18:44, Marie said:

    This particular post has really hit home for me today, as I am moving on from a 5 yr relationship. I know God has a better plan for me in my life, but its hard to see through the tears during this, hopefully, short grievance of walking away from the past.
    I may need to read your post every day for the next couple of weeks as a reminder and a good dose of encouragement as I move forward with the plans and will God has in store for me.
    Thank you, once again, for being open to letting The Lord use you to be a blessing unto others!

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