Hit the Refresh Button!

One day I was expecting a very important email. I had just received notification that the email was being sent to my inbox and that it should arrive at anytime.

So I went to my email and much to my dismay, the email had not arrived yet. I waited another sixty seconds then I hit the refresh button again. Still no avail. The only thing I was looking at were recent emails that were received.

I waited another minute or so and hit the refresh button. This time the email showed up. This email was very important. It was the determining factor of whether I could proceed with my work production.

Here’s the key- had I not continued to hit the refresh button, I would’ve never seen the new email. All I would have seen were the old emails from the past. I wouldn’t be able to move forward until I hit the refresh button.

In the same way, many are living life without hitting the refresh button. They’re not progressing forward because they’re staring at issues from the past. Old toxic relationships. Past failures. Maybe someone told you that you couldn’t do something.

In the interim, it’s easy to get stuck on the past and wallow in despair. But let me encourage you today. If you’re going to come into God’s best, you’re going to have to hit the refresh button.
Let the past hurts trickle down to the bottom of life’s inbox. Refresh the page with new expectations. New dreams. New ideas and concepts that will thrust you forward into the future that God has for you.

When you refresh the page of life, God will show you the clear path that’s right in front of you. Then, you’ll be able to press forward and carry on your divine assignment as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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