Look Through a Different Lens

If you can see this picture, you’ll see on the left, I’m holding three different eye glasses. One is an updated prescription, another is a former prescription and the other is a pair of sunglasses.

Although I have a pretty light prescription, generally, I can see through all of them… or with no glasses at all. But something amazing happens when I put the more updated prescription on, I can see clearer. Much clearer.

With my updated prescription, I can see things in detail that I couldn’t see before. I can see better at night when I’m driving. I can read smaller print much better. I can work more efficient on my computer when I’m at work. The truth is I can see okay without glasses, but things get easier when I have my updated prescription on.

Recently, I went to the eye doctor to have my eyes checked. He updated my prescription just a bit in the right eye. When I tried my updated prescription on, I was amazed at how much clearer things were.

It was almost like I had become immune to seeing fuzzy… ha ha! …because suddenly, things had become a whole. Lot. Clearer! (How funny is that?)

That’s how it is in life. Many are going around in life with a worn out prescription. You need to get an updated prescription. Change your view… your perspective. You’re looking at things fuzzy. What you don’t know is things can get clear… a whole. Lot. Clearer!

God is your doctor. You’re the subject. Let Him update your prescription. Let Him give you a new perspective.

When you allow God to mold you, He’ll change the way you see things. He’ll give you direction so you can see your way through a dark path. He’ll show you the way out of confusion. He’ll clear the “fuzzies” out of your everyday life.

Suddenly things won’t seem so blurry. When you update your prescription, life will get easier. You won’t have to strain. You won’t have to second guess. You’ll see details that you’ve never seen before!

Change your prescription. Look through a different lens. No… I’m not talking about your eye glasses… (although that might help) but I’m talking about a different kind of lens. The lens of life! When you look through the God-lens, you’ll get a much better view as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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