The Still Small Voice

We are all guided by the voice of our heavenly Father. Prophet Elijah came to know it as a “still small voice”- a mere whisper.

It’s the voice that speaks to you on the inside. The small impression you get that leads and guides you. It’s the Creator of the universe calling you to go in the right direction. The direction of life, purpose and victory.

Too often we hear it but we tune out. We disregard it. We’ll dismiss it and go our own way.

But this still small voice is not there to spoil the fun. It’s not there to be overprotective and keep you from living life. No, it’s there to save you from heartache. It’s there to save you from trouble, setbacks and failures.

I often think of times when I was a child and I wanted to do my own thing. But my parents would advise me to go the other way. Like most kids, I thought my parents were just trying to spoil my fun and be overprotective. But the truth is, my parents have been down the road I was yet to travel.

They knew the end result. And it was not always a good one. They were able to guide me in the right direction. They saw the bigger picture. Just like the still small voice of the Lord, they we’re saving me from heartache and misery.

In the same way, that’s God’s way of telling you, “I see the end from the beginning. I see the big picture. Yet, the road you’re traveling is a road full of destruction, go the other way.”

When you get an impression, a nudging in your conscious, the still yet small voice- don’t dismiss it. Don’t reject it like your parents and say, “oh, they’re just trying to spoil the fun.” No, take heed. It’s the most high God leading you and guiding you. He’s saving you from a road of destruction.

God Has your best interests at heart. When you yield to His voice and obey His commands, you’ll experience His ultimate blessings, favor and victory. Pay attention and take heed to the still small voice. When you do, you’ll come into the full abundant life that God has for you as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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