Believe the Very Best!

God’s word says that love believes the very best in others. Throughout the journey, we’ll all experience our fair share of let downs.

Maybe a friend betrayed you in the past. Maybe a relationship didn’t work out and you’re tempted to get bitter. Maybe you’re at odds with a near and dear relative.

As a result, it’s easy to get bitter. It’s easy to get soured on life. You may be tempted to put up a wall.

But putting up a wall only shields others out. You may think you’re protecting yourself but in essence, you’re only blocking other good quality relationships from forming.

Know that God wants the very best for you. He wants to bring you into those right connections. He wants you to have divine relationships that will build you up and support you.

Every person has something great about them. Develop the habit of seeing that one good thing. It’s a good practice.

In order to come into those right connections, you’ll first have to believe the very best in others. See the good in people. Change the tune.

Your attitude should be, “the world is not out to get me, I’m out to get (help, love, etc) the world.” Be an open book. Don’t be afraid to put your heart out on the line.

God will give you the Grace to love again. He’ll help you to forgive. With His help, you can tear down the walls. You can let go of the bitterness.

Believe the very best in others. When you do so, God will bring you into right connections as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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