Why Love? Does it Really Matter?

When we extend a kind word, a compliment or do a good deed, it’s much like giving a heartfelt gift. We take delight in the receiver’s expression. We get great joy out of their reaction when we show them love.

But many times we’re picky with who we give our precious gifts. We give to the ones who will appreciate it- the ones who seem more deserving.

And yes, I understand, giving a gift is like giving a piece of your heart. When someone doesn’t appreciate your love, it can be disheartening. It can be discouraging. It can sting a little. You become more reluctant on who you give kind words and do good deed.

But here’s encouragement for you. When you tell a random person that they are beautiful, whether they accept it or not, know that deep on the inside it makes their day. When you hold the door open for that person who looks like they “own the world”, know that you are sowing a good seed into their heart.

What a good thing it is to make others feel even more loved and more cherished. On the outside, they may have the hard exterior, but on the inside there’s a cry out for love and attention. Even if they dismiss your kind deed, just knowing that you are feeding a need and that is all that matters.

You see, above all else we’re called to love. Love is unconditional. It bears all. It’s not based on who is deserving. It’s not based on who needs it. No, love is taking every opportunity to build someone up. Just knowing that you’re bringing a warmth and comfort is all that matters.

Others may not show appreciation. They may not stop to thank you for holding open the elevator at work. They may dismiss your compliment or your offer for help, but on the inside your good seed is taking root. It’s comforting them- It’s making their day. And whether others show it or not, they’re feeling more joy and love on the inside. Knowing that, is all that matters.

Next time you see the confident, gorgeous, model-like woman, say a kind word to build her up. Show yourself friendly to the popular person in the crowd. Extending kindness, It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And it will bring joy to your day as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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