It’s Only a Test

I can remember being in school. We couldn’t progress to the next grade until we passed a series of tests. I can remember countless times when the teacher would say, “there’s going to be a test.” Every time without fail, there was the typical murmur of “aww mans” and such. But tests don’t have to be a bad thing. Tests are the gateway to promotion, increase and the next level in your life.

Tests are a necessary part of life. They determine if were equipped to handle the next level. But just like back in school, many view the tests of life as a burden instead of an opportunity to show themselves approved.

When God brings about tests in our life, the best thing we can do is embrace them with grace. It’s an opportunity for us to show that we have what it takes.

Show that you’ve got stick-to-itiveness. Show that you have patience, endurance and stamina. When the difficulties of life come, don’t complain. No, all throughout the day, your attitude should be- “this is only a test. It’s a chance for me to be faithful in this level, and maybe the Lord will make me ruler of many things.”

When you come into obstacles, setbacks and challenges, do you quit or throw in the towel? Do you try to take shortcuts and detours? Here’s the challenge. Dare to face your obstacles with courage. They are there to promote you. You’ll never get to your finish line without facing your obstacle.

I’m asking you today, will you pass the test or fail? Will you show that you’re in it to win it? Either way it goes, God will have the last say so. You’ll continue to face test after test until you pass.

The good news is, all throughout the journey you’re getting stronger and more equipped. Just like in school, if you don’t pass the test, you fail the grade level. What happens then? You end up being held back. You’ll have to take the whole grade level over again until you pass.

See your test as an opportunity and not a burden. Remember, it all works out for your greater good. If you’ll stay in faith and perform well at this level, God will promote you to the next level as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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