Make It Bigger and Better!

The Lord has found favor in you. He has entrusted you with talents, gifts and abilities. It’s our duty to take the gifts that the Lord has given us and put it to good use. We have to make them bigger and better.

It’s easy to listen to the voice of defeat. It’s easy to think, “I don’t have the skills.” “I wasn’t born with any talent or abilities,” but the truth is you have something deep on the inside.

When God favored you, He placed seeds of greatness into you. Now it’s up to you to take these seeds and water them and put them to work for you. Be faithful over what the Lord has given you.

Remember, to whom much is given, much is required. When God gave you the talents, He expected you to put them to work. He doesn’t want you to put the seeds in the ground and let them wither and die. No, He wants you to make it bigger and better!

If you’re going to come into your God-given destiny, you’re going to have to take time and further your talents. In doing so, you’ll earn a return off your investment. Invest more time into your abilities. Invest in education. Invest in practicing and furthering your skills.

For instance, if you have a passion for the Arts- be it music, performance, dance or entertainment, don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t settle with a just get by mentality. Go the extra mile. You’re not ordinary, you’re extraordinary.

God is pleased when we take what He has entrusted us with and make it bigger and better. Just like the Parable of the Ten Talents in the Bible, where the master entrusting his servants with talents, God is pleased when we earn a greater return off the talents He has given us. Put your skills to work for you, when You do so you’ll get the pleasure of a “well done” as you charge forth on your journey!

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