If You Want it Bad Enough… (Accept no Excuses)

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.” ―E. James Rohn

Every since we were kids we’ve had amazing dreams. For some, being the world’s greatest sports star or big time musician was the ultimate dream. Others wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. For someone else, a firefighter or a teacher was enough to make their future a success.

Somewhere along the line, we stopped dreaming and started making excuses. We’ve allowed discouragement to set in and deter our focus. At some point, many have listened to the naysayers say things like, “that’s impossible” or “I tried that and it doesn’t work.” They would even go as far as to say, “your chances are slim to none compared to the other contenders.” And what’s worse is we’ve made excuses for ourselves.

But if you want it bad enough, you’ll accept no excuses. You’ll stop at nothing. God has given you all the tools to do any and everything you want to do. Tap into those tools. Take your God-given talent and put it to good use for you.

What dreams and visions have you forfeited? Maybe you wanted to be a big time lawyer, but you allowed room for the voices of defeat. Maybe all your life you wanted to lose weight and get in shape, but you made excuses to not go to the gym or eat right. Maybe your goal was to get back in school, but you’ve looked at all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

In the interim, it’s easy to think that you don’t have what it takes. It’s easy to get a chip on your shoulder and think that you’re at a loss. But let me encourage you today, excuses are lies in disguise.

Don’t allow deception to keep you from your God-given destiny. Don’t buy into the excuses. Don’t settle for defeat. If you want it bad enough, you’ll defy all odds.

When a naysayer comes and speaks against your dreams, simply say “excuse me, I don’t buy into excuses.” If a critic or an enemy comes to plant seeds of doubt, say “I’m a scouter not a doubter. I’m on a mission to fulfill my God-given destiny!”

Friend, if you want it bad enough you’ll make happen. Accept no excuses. Don’t settle for mediocrity. You’re extremely gifted and you were meant to do great things in the Kingdom of God. Don’t buy into excuses. No, make it happen regardless. When you do so, God will turn your broken dreams into fulfilled visions as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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