3 Ways to Get Good Seed in the Ground Without Spending a Dime

There is more than one way to sow a seed into the lives of others. One of the greatest misconceptions we have, is that the only way to sow a seed is through money.

There are many reasons one will sow a seed. One reason is to reap a harvest. Farmers and planters can tell you first hand, that if there is no seed sown, then no harvest can be obtained.  Another reason for sowing a seed, is the benefit of knowing that you’ve blessed someone’s life. There is nothing like the good feeling you get after knowing you’ve uplifted another individual.

So here are three ways in which you can get some seed in the ground without spending a dime.

1) Perform random acts of kindness – You should wake up everyday in expectancy and look for opportunities to bless someone. Be prepared. When there’s an opportunity to hold a door open for a stranger, jump on it. When there’s an opportunity to offer a helping hand, do so. If there’s a chance to let someone go ahead of you in traffic, don’t hesitate to perform it. There is great joy in doing these things!

2) Volunteer your time and efforts – Get involved in the community. Place yourself in environments where you can help people in need. Seek opportunities to [Read more...]


The Difference Between a “Logos” and a “Rhema” Word (and How they can Benefit You)

In our relationship with Christ, we find ourselves going to the Word of God for understanding, revelation, and direction. And sometimes we get clarity and instruction, and other times, we don’t get any understanding. Therefore, it’s important to know that there are two types of Words that feed us.  One is known simply as the “Logos” word, and the other is a “Rhema” Word.

To simply put it, the word “Logos” is a Greek word which means “written word.” The Bible, for instance, is an example of a Logos.  The word “Rhema” in Greek is referred to as “spoken word.” Many Bible scholars and theologians refer to a Rhema word as being a right now word, or a word for a specific person and a current situation.

You see, when we read the bible, the Word never changes. We’re taking in the Logos. It’s the same Logos or written word that was there in the beginning. I’ve heard many people say that at times, when they read the Bible, they don’t understand. For them, the Words aren’t ministering to them. That’s when a Rhema word comes in handy.

When you’re at church, and the minister speaks the sermon, they’ll speak the word in a way that you get an understanding. The clarity that you get as a result of the sermon, is a Rhema word.

A Rhema word can be a result of the Logos (or Bible) but not always the case. The principle of a Rhema word is based off the Logos, but other times it can be a word that guides you, or shows you what to do.

Here’s the key: when it comes to reading the Bible, which is the Logos, there will be times when you get an understanding or revelation beyond the words that are written on the page. That understanding and revelation that you get is another example of a Rhema word. It’s like studying in school, or doing your homework, and you finally get an “ahah” moment. You get a moment where you say, “Oh, now I get it… I didn’t understand before but now I see…”

Well in the biblical context, I like to think that this “ahah” moment is the [Read more...]


Change The Channel

We are bombarded with many messages and images per day. Some are subliminal messages but a great deal of what goes into our mind, are things we can control.

Sometimes we don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to what we feed ourselves spiritually. Between television, music, and our peers, we’re influenced in many ways. But you do have control over what enters your mind.

Just like the television, when it comes to what goes in your heart, you have the choice to change the channel. It’s no surprised that one of the number one watched type shows on television are reality shows. And a great deal of these reality shows are feeding us the wrong image.

Next time, something comes on that’s damaging to your mind, make a decision to change the channel. When a friend starts talking negatively and feeding you the wrong message, politely disengage. When a song comes on the radio that’s negative and [Read more...]


God Will Stand In The Gap

Wherever there is a void in your life, God can fill it. But too often we forget this principle. And in turn, we resort to things or people of this world to fill the gap. But I want to encourage you today that with God, you have everything you need to bring restoration in every area of your life.

You see, behind the scenes, God is going to work and He’s making provisions for you. He’s working on your behalf to bring ease to every difficult area in your life.

But many times we have it backwards. We end up looking to the things of this world to stand in the gap. Some put their faith in money and material possessions. Others put their trust in people. Some others even resort to excessive alcohol and drugs  to fill the void.

But you should know that these things are only temporary. They are what I like to call an immediate fix. But God is the only permanent fix.

I think about how I love my toys. I’m a big electronic guy and I love my new gadgets. Anytime there’s a new technology gadget on the market, I love to scope it out. And I can remember when I first got my touch screen smart phone. And I can remember being on it all day trying to figure out how it works, what it can do, and what all I can get out of it.

For the rest of the week, I was content with my face down in my [Read more...]


You Have Unlimited Lifelines!

One of the greatest gifts we have in Christ is the gift of hope. It’s great to know that He’s not a God of a first, second, or third chance. He’s the God of unlimited chances!

You see, in the game of Baseball, you’re given three chances to make it across the home-plate. If you don’t make it to the home base without being kicked out, unfortunately, you’re without hope for that round.

But with God, you have unlimited lifelines. When it seems like you’re kicked out of the “game of life”, He gives you another chance to continue on with full hope. When it seems like you don’t know the answers, you can go to Him in prayer. There you will find the answer.

I think about the television game show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” In that game, the contestants are given three lifelines. They can either choose to do a fifty-fifty, where the computer randomly eliminates two of the incorrect answers. They can choose to ask the audience. Or they can phone a friend. The thing is, after all three lifelines are used, and they’re still unsure about the answer, they’re without hope. They can either walk away or guess at the answer.

Well, with God, there is no limit on the lifeline. When it seems you’re [Read more...]


You Are God’s Most Prized Possession!

One of our greatest downfalls is forgetting who we are in Christ. It’s so easy for us to dwell on the negative or focus on areas in which we lack. And in doing so, we tend to forget just how much favor we have in the eyes of God.

To put it in perspective, there is nothing that has ever been created that is more valuable to God than you are. Out of all creation, the magnificent mountains, the outstretch of land, the deep seas, the mighty creatures of habit, the fish in the sea, the stars in the sky, even the very creation of the heavens and earth itself, you are God’s most prized possession.

James 1:18b in the New Living Translation tells us, “We, out of all creation, became his prized possession.”

I think about the things in which we place high value. Some place value on rubies and diamonds. Some place value on money, cars, houses and land. Others place value on technology or the newest gadget on the market. But here’s the thing: no matter how far technology advances, no matter how beautiful houses have become, there is none that can compare to the importance of who you are in God’s eyes.

I believe that, because you are God’s most prized possession, He wants [Read more...]


God Uses the Ordinary People

Do you ever feel a lack of purpose in life? Do you ever wonder if you have the gifts, talents and abilities to do great works in life? Well, if this is you be encouraged, because you have more than it takes to do anything you’ve ever imagined.

Too many people go around with doubts, mixed emotions, and insecurities when it comes to doing greater works. But you should know that God can do extraordinary things using ordinary people in seemingly small ways. He can take the person with the lack of experience, the least talents, and the smallest potential to bring forth a greater outcome.

Remember, we serve a Philippians 4:13 God. That means we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

You see, in the natural, it might be true. You may not have the skills to do extraordinary things. But with God on your side, you can do the impossible.

My friends, God has sown seeds of greatness on the inside of you. You have natural born abilities. It’s up to you to tap into those seeds of greatness. There is no such thing as a person that God can’t use.

We’ve heard too many stories of the little people who have gone on to do great things. In the Bible, Joseph, was in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. I’m sure he felt inadequate. He probably even felt less than ordinary.

But the thing about Joseph was, he had a natural born ability to [Read more...]


Take Bigger Risks

Too often we fall prey to contentment and complacency. And in the end, all this does is bring stagnation and hinders our growth.

But do you know that it’s better to take risks in life than to end up short changing yourself? When you play it safe and take the comfortable road in life, you end up holding the short end of the bargain.

Know today that God wants you to go above and beyond the call of duty. It’s easy to get comfortable and lackadaisical, but you should know that when you go out on a limb, God will carry you the rest of the way.

In order to grow, you have to stretch your abilities. Take risks in life. Do the unexpected. Do the things that you’ve always feared.

When you set out to achieve things that are outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised at the outcome. The good thing is that the outcome will give you the confidence to take even bigger risks in life.

When you venture out and take more chances, you’ll start to see your dreams come alive. You’ll start to see your goals being fulfilled. You’ll start to notice more doors opening. But when you play it safe and do the same expected things day in and day out, you end up forfeiting your growth.

I’m reminded of what Luke 19:26 says in the Message bible. In this passage of scripture Jesus says, “That’s what I mean: Risk your life and get [Read more...]


Leave the Past in Your Blind-Spot

One of the hardest things to do is let go of the past and embrace the future. Too many go around placing importance on past faults, failures, and hurts.

When you give too much power to your past, it can cause bitterness, loss of hope, and resentment. And when these things are allowed to take hold in your life, they cause a downward spiral of hurt and pain.

But I believe that it’s not God’s will for you to dwell on the past. He wants you to look toward the future with expectation. Even when you can’t see a promising future, God knows the future, and He has great things in store!

In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord reminds you that He has plans to prosper you and not harm you. He has plans of hope and a future ahead for you. But in order to access that prosperity, you have to intently focus on your future.

I always say, when you look toward the future, your past becomes your blind-spot. You see, In your car, there’s a big windshield and a very small rear-view mirror. Why? Because where you’ve been is not nearly as important as where you’re going.

So here’s the thing- place the failures of your past in your blind-spot. In [Read more...]


Look for the Silver Lining

You’ve been given the amazing ability by the almighty God to triumph over the most adverse situations. But unfortunately, many have a tendency to dwell on the negative aspect in the obstacles of life.

The truth is, obstacles will always be present. But I want to encourage you to look for the silver lining in every adversity that you face.

Silver lining is simply defined as the consoling aspect in a difficult situation. And when you look for the silver lining, you’re choosing to let go of those negative defeating thoughts that tend to bring you down.

I heard an interesting fact about the eagle. Whenever it storms, they simply rise above the storm cloud and soar where the sun is shining.

My friends, just like the eagle, you should aspire to rise above the storms in your life. Look for the sun or the “silver lining” in your storm. You see, when you’re under the cloud, things look dark and cloudy. But if you’ll just rise above the storm cloud, you’ll discover that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

When you meditate on the good things in life and stay focused on them, there’s no room for negative defeating thoughts to enter your mind. I love how Philippians [Read more...]