Make The Most of Every Opportunity

Too often, we find ourselves looking towards a certain day or a certain moment. We look either too far in the future or too far in the past and in doing so, we find ourselves missing out on the current opportunity.

We live in a day in time where our minds are going a million miles an hour. We have deadlines to meet and chores to get done. We even dwell on the things that are far in the future.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to look forward to things in the future that are worthy of praise, such as that long awaited vacation, or the trip to see your best friend for instance. But don’t delight yourselves too much in those moments that you neglect the good in the current moment.

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Know today that every moment that is given to us from God is a blessing. Whether you’re in rush hour traffic, on your daily commute to your job, or waiting in line at the bank, you should look for the good in every opportunity in life.

Ephesians 5:16 tells us to make the most of every moment in these evil days. Notice it didn’t say to make the most of moments to come. It didn’t say make the most of the moments long gone. No, it says to make the most of every moment in these evil days.

Remember, tomorrow is not granted to you. The next hour isn’t even promised. So make a decision today, to find the good in every situation and opportunity of life.

Even until this day, I can remember moments in the past that at the time, I never thought would be such a great memory for me. You never know it could this very moment that you’re facing that you’ll look back on one day and say, “wow, what I would do to go back and re-live that moment.”

The moments that you most take for granted could be the very moment that you end up missing. Enjoy those friends and loved ones that you cherish most dearly. Enjoy the walks in the park. Enjoy every opportunity that you’re given, because you never know which one is your last. If you practice living in the present moment I believe you’ll experience more of the peace, joy, and life that God has for you as you charge forth on your journey of life!

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