The Price Is Paid!

Have you ever gone somewhere and when it came time to pay the bill you discovered that it’s already been taken care of? Or maybe you we’re out to eat with friends expecting to pay your portion of the tab and when the bill came, low and behold, your best friend says, “don’t worry about it I’ve got you.”

Do you remember the feeling of surprise? You probably felt grateful, to say the least. You may have even felt a great sense of security.

Well my friend that’s what Jesus said when He gave his life for you, “I got you.” That feeling of gratefulness you felt when you discovered your tab was paid is the same sense of security that you should feel everyday because the cost of life is already paid.

Jesus Paid The Price

You see, Jesus paid the price when He died for you. Isn’t it wonderful to know that despite our sins, mistakes, past failures and disobedience to God, we’re guaranteed abundant life if we keep God in our hearts? That should be the greatest sense of security ever.

When a women marries a man, one of the things she’s looking for is security. She wants to know that she’s going to be taken care of financially and emotionally. You see, with man there’s no guarantee that there will never come a time when the bill won’t [Read more...]


What Is Your Fix?

We live in a world today where we depend on so many things around us to function. First thing in the morning we crawl out of bed and grab a cup of coffee. For those non coffee drinkers, you may resort to high amounts of sugar or caffeine to substitute.

When we’re sick we head to the doctor looking for a cure. When we lack energy we dose up on sugar drinks. When we’re lonely we go seek attention from friends and family.

What is your fix

But you should know that everything you need is already provided to you. If you need energy God gives you energy. The scripture says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. If you’re without, He is your provider. When you’re sick, He is your healer. When you’re facing hardships, He is your present help in the time of trouble.

In the media we hear about celebrities who resort to drugs and alcohol as a quick fix. In the short, doing these things may make them feel better and give them immediate relief but in the long run it’s doing further damage to their natural bodies and their minds. This is an extreme example but [Read more...]


You Are Beautiful!

There is so much power in positive affirmations. Throughout the bible, God is constantly affirming who we are.

He affirms that we’re more than a conqueror. He affirms that we’re above and not beneath and that we’re the head and not the tail. The good news is that there is immediate change in our attitudes and the way we feel when we’re being fed positive affirmations.

You Are Beautiful!

I love how Philippians 4:13 affirms that we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. In other words, when we feel like we’re at our lowest, or when we don’t have the talents, the abilities or the education to perform an act, this scripture reaffirms any doubt that we may have.

I was out and about driving today and I saw where someone wrote graffiti on an over-passing. The message simply said, “You are beautiful!” I saw that and it immediately put a feeling of ease because I thought about so many young woman who were told otherwise. I overjoyed over the fact that so many people [Read more...]


Don’t Hold On To The Pain

In the natural, we have a tendency to put up a wall when others do us wrong. As a result we may find ourselves retaliating in many different ways. Some may use offensive words as defense, some resort to physical acts, and others may stir up mess against the wrongdoer.

However one of the worst things that one can do is hold in the hurt. When someone does you wrong, talk to a close friend or relative. You may want to seek further counsel such as a spiritual adviser or a counselor. If the wrongdoer is a close friend or family member, you might want to consider sitting down with them, after you’ve calmed down, and talk the situation out. It could be a total misunderstanding.

Don't Hold On To The Pain

Whatever the level the misunderstanding is, don’t hold it in. Small misunderstandings can escalate to bigger ones over time. And the longer you hold onto past hurt, pain, or disappointments the more unhealthy they become for you.

Don’t let hurts of the past plague your future. I once heard a wise man say, “you can’t move forward while looking in the rear view mirror.” When someone has wronged you, do everything you can to release the hurt and forgive them. When forgiving someone you’re doing it for your benefit. You see, when practicing forgiveness you’re making an effort to bring peace back to your life.

A wrongdoer may not even be aware of the offense, therefore they’re [Read more...]


Dealing With Difficult People

Every once in a while, you may run into people who are particularly hard to get along with. Whether it be family, friends, or people you’re confronted with when you’re out and about, there will come a time when attitudes, anger, bitterness and egos get in the way.

You may be dealing will someone who wants to be intentionally difficult or someone who difficult and unaware. One main thing to remember, is that people will be people. In other words, no one is perfect. No one has hit that mark where they’ve arrived.

If you’re dealing with a friend who is hard to deal with, try taking a peaceful route. Try making peace and talking the situation out. Know that you don’t have to agree with their ways but instead remember that they are human and let be an [Read more...]


Open Door Policy

Most places of employment have what’s called an open door policy. That means that you can go to management at anytime about anything and they are there to hear your concerns. But I know someone who has the greatest open door policy of all and that’s our heavenly father.

Isn’t it nice to know that we can go to the father about anything and not only does he hear our concerns but just like the scripture says, He perfects those things which concern you. That means if you’re sick, He’s a healer. If you’re without, He’ll provide for you. If you’ve lost your way, He’s a way-maker. If you’re hungry, He’ll feed you.

We should all delight in the fact that He’s available to hear all the cries of the hurt and the broken. And not only that but He’s available at all hours of the day.

Open Door Policy

You see, on the job force management is available only during working hours. Your best friend may be a call away but sometimes even they don’t respond right away. Even your local spiritual leader may not be right there when you need him. But we’re talking about a God that is available every second of the day. That means in the wee hours of the night you can call Him and He’s readily available.

On holiday’s when all other doors close His door is wide open waiting for you. Even the hospital, which is open 24/7- 365 days a year, may lose power but for a few seconds. But much to your dismay, those seconds may be the most critical seconds. Know that our heavenly father never leaves your side. When you’re all alone, He’s [Read more...]


Be Effective Not Affected

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Romans 12:2

One of the most difficult things to do when living the Christian life is being in the world and not of the world. There are so many opportunities to conform to the ways of the world. Many opportunities to be led astray. But I believe that God wants you to be the light that this world needs to see.

Instead of trying to fit in and be who the world wants you to be, try to be the positive and refreshing change that the world needs to see. Too often were told to that we can’t go out with friends and have fun.

But know today that you can hangout with friends and be effective and not affected. Set a tone that is positive and light. Let them know that you can have fun and be [Read more...]


Compassion With A Passion

In the fast pace of life it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day. Too often we get busy trying to meet deadlines or trying to cross the ‘T’s’ and dot the ‘I’s’ that we forget to look outside of ourselves and consider others in need.

In fact I believe one of the greatest gifts we can give is the gift of compassion. Remember, today as you go along your journey that you have the power to make someone’s day greater.

Sow a seed of sympathy and warmth for someone else. When you’re out and about, place it on your heart to extend kindness to someone. You’ll be surprised at the difference when you add others to the equation.

Compassion With A Passion

As we embark on a season of thanksgiving once again, we’ll start to hear all the commercials advertising opportunities to give contributions to local charities, food drives and fund raisers. These are great opportunities to give but wouldn’t it be nice to have this type of compassion on an ongoing basis.

Just because the holidays end doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t need a new pair of shoes. A couple canned-goods at the local Good Will at Thankgiving is great but what about those same people in the [Read more...]


Get Your Hopes Up!

All our life were told not to get our hopes up for those things which we want out of life. Maybe at some point you wanted something that meant a lot to you, and someone came along and killed your hopes and dreams.

They may have told you not to get your hopes up, what if you don’t get it. It’s this very statement that kills the hopes and dreams and too many people across the board. Instead of settling for less than enough and making preparations for rejection in life, do get your hopes up! Make positive declarations for those things concerning you. Don’t let the “what ifs” become an option for you.

Hopes & Dreams

Instead, dare to dream! When others say no, remember that God has the last say so. Don’t let anyone kill your dream. Keep pursuing for your vision. Always remember that God is in the blessing business and know that He’s waiting to perform a miracle on your behalf.

When it looks like all hope is lost and the day is getting dim, don’t let your hopes die down. Instead, get your hopes up – speak against anyone or any thought that might come to discourage you.

You see, Hope is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be [Read more...]


Love Covers A Multitude

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. – 1 Peter 4:8

One of the hardest things to do is to continue to show love to someone who has wronged you. But remember to extend that same agape love that Jesus has shown for you toward someone else.

Continue to look for ways to extend warmth, love and kindness to others as you go along your journey of life. Think upon that grace and those tender mercies that God has shown toward you. When you stop to think about it, regardless of past mistakes, failures, and pure disobedience toward God, He loves us enough to show grace and mercy.

If you find that it’s rather difficult to show love toward a wrongdoer or naysayer , take some time to think about the love that God has shown you. Remember, those times when you’ve expected to be cursed with a curse. Or maybe you’ve even thought that God would revoke His favor from you. Regardless of that fact you’re still here, you’re standing and rising to a new dimension in life!

Whether you’re looking to forgive or be forgiven, remember that the type of seed that you put out is what will spring forth. In other words, if you put out a seed [Read more...]