Don’t Let Anyone Rain on Your Parade

There are times when you come across others who don’t have the same passion, zest, and zeal for the things of life as you do. Sure you’ve seen it before, those instances where you or someone else was passionate about something and another comes along and kills the whole vibe.

I believe they call them party poopers! The dictionary defines it perfectly – One who declines to participate with enthusiasm. It seems like no matter what you do they want to rain on your parade.

Maybe you want to go to the amusement park, they are there to only remind you of how crowded and hot it is. You may want to go to a movie, they’ll convince you that it’s pointless to go to the movies, there’s always someone talking on the back row. Maybe you’re on your way to the gym and you’re looking for company, party poopers are there remind you of how much better it feels to crash at home on the couch.

Party poopers have a tendency to kill the liveliness of the moment. They are often negative minded individuals. They are more than likely to see the cup as half empty rather than half full.

If you don’t watch it you will let them steal your joy. You will let them kill your dream. They might even suck all the life and energy out of you.

Don’t let these so called party poopers set the tone for the future to follow. Don’t allow them to determine what your goals and dreams are. No, take back your passion today! If you want to climb a mountain find someone who is equally as passionate, if not more passionate.

Find someone who will meet you where you are rather than bring you down. Surround yourself around people who will motivate you to reach higher heights!

Never let someone rain on your parade. Instead, open up a window and let some sunshine in. Make a decision today to live a little. Surround yourself around people who are full of life, trust me the reward is much greater!

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Photo credit: Kees van Mansom

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Author: Jarrod Clark (790 Articles)

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  • At 2010.06.27 20:39, Morgan Landry said:

    Lol. Your articles have been really timely lately. I am letting go of a lot of old relationships that are no longer working. “Party poopers” is a good way to describe these folk! :)

    • At 2010.06.28 12:37, Hulbert Lee said:

      Great post Jarrod. Sometimes there are people out there in the world who want to bring others down. You just have to remember to do what makes you happy and also surround yourself with the right people. What I love about the personal development community of bloggers is that everybody is more or less trying to motivate and encourage others do become better people and to grow. I consider you one of these people, so thanks Jarrod for what you have shared with us in this post and for what you have written for us so far in the past.

      • At 2010.06.28 15:58, kathy said:

        Too true Jarrad, thank you for saying this out loud.

        This reminds me of what David Emerald wrote in his blog about what is behind every complaint… David writes someone would not complain is they did not feel victimized. At the same time, one would not complain if there was not something that they cared about…
        Once I read this it made such a difference for me and how I view (or listen to) complainers. I still do not want to be around them, but at least now I can understand a bit more about the reasoning behind their voices. For example: my teenager complaining about the chores list is also his call out for a chance to make his own choices. The tricky part is still there, though treating him less like a victim and more like a creator tends to help shift the attitudes (sometimes).

        ;-) kathy

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