You Are A Victor, So Carry Yourself Like One

Often enough, we have a tendency to carry ourselves in a way that doesn’t represent the champion that God has us to be. The scripture reminds us that we are victors not victims. It affirms that we are above and not beneath, that we are the head not the tail.

When you walk around with your head down to the ground and your shoulders all slouched over, you are not representing the true winner that God says you are.

You see, people can sum you up within a few seconds of first meeting you. They judge you by how you dress, how you carry yourself, your body language, and the words that you say. Not that I’m advocating that you should worry or stress over what others think. But if you don’t represent God then who will?

Don’t put the responsibility on your local minister or church pastor to represent Christ, I dare you to take up your cross and follow Him. You’ve got to hold up your end of the bargain.

My friend, when you walk around in a way that says you are defeated, less than accomplished, wash out, burdened or cast down, you’re not showing the world the God that we serve. We serve an omniscient God. He’s all-powerful, all-wonderful, all-knowing — that’s the God that we serve.

The type of God that we serve makes us look like a million bucks even if we’ve never touched a million pennies!

Dare you lift your head up and put your shoulders back and declare that you are all that and a bag of chips! Dare you go around saying, “I’m equipped and empowered to succeed in everything I put my hands to do today!”

My friend, it’s time to shake off all the defeat of your past. Even if your history wasn’t bright and your future doesn’t look promising, I dare you to change your mind-set. Your mentality should be that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you!

Your words should be, “I am, because God says I am!” In other words you are not the sum of your past. If the doctors said you’re sick, know that you are healed. If others said you can’t, prove them wrong and declare that you can and then go and fulfill your dreams. You are who God says you are!

When you say this power affirmation, your inner confidence will change. You will get your smile back. You will no longer slouch and drag your feet. No, your attitude will change. You will stand tall and walk like you’re headed toward victory.

Don’t give into defeat and discouragement, declare that you’re a winner. Make the decision to carry yourself like the successful vessel that God says you are and experience the life of excellence that God has for you today!

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