Importance of Life Lessons

Game tickets = $60
Round-trip Airfare = 150 bucks
Hotel and accommodations = $150
Life Lessons = Priceless!

There are lessons in life all around you. Some are the kind that can be bought with money, such as a good college education or a doctorate degree, and others are priceless. Sadly, the lessons of life are the kind that often go over our heads.

When faced with difficult circumstances there are always lessons that comes with them. Many times we don’t catch the lessons because our focus is not in that of the lessons but in that of the circumstances.

When you make a decision to focus on the lesson that comes with the situation, you may find a wish deep within you to want go back and change certain things to prevent the circumstance from happening in the first place.

Often times God operates in this way. He doesn’t come in the form of a burning bush such as He did with Moses, or He doesn’t ring out of the skies such as He did with Noah back in the Bible days, He operates more indirectly.

The sad thing is that, we may face certain adversities over and over because we don’t learn the lesson that was intended for us to learn. Sometimes the adversities may be different but the lesson is generally the same.

Education Class
Photo by Earlham College
School lessons and life lessons in comparison

Life lessons and school lessons have one thing in common and it’s that they both serve as preparation for the next time you encounter a situation. In other words, you may have not realized the importance of subtracting $7.98 from the $20.00 on that homework assignment in school. You may have thought, “what’s the importance of this?” It wasn’t until you landed that first job as a cashier at the local food mart that you started to see the relevancy.

Well life lessons are the same in that they are forgiving. The lessons are usually applicable to a later date and time.

In order for us to progress to the next level, the lesson has to sink in. You have to make a choice to take life’s lessons, run with them, and apply them to your daily life.

Have you faced a problem or situation countless times? Was it due to a lack of lesson consumption on your part?

Lessons of life are one of the greatest gifts from God in that, they’re hands on, and they give you experience and wisdom. There are life lessons all around you. Tune into that frequency.

Come to think of it, life lessons do come with a price but not the kind that money can buy. They may come with a hefty price or a more forgiving price.

Think back on some situations that you’ve encountered in the past where the lesson learned was worth the cost. Pay attention to the lessons around you and learn and grow from them as you charge forth on your journey of life.

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Author: Jarrod Clark (790 Articles)

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  • At 2010.04.06 13:22, Joy Tanksley said:

    I enjoyed this! Life lessons are so important. Actually, that might even be an understatement. I really believe that there are no true failings in life – just learning. It’s all learning. The ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. The wild successes and the totally-not-what-we-wanted-to-happen experiences. They all teach us if we are open to it.


    • At 2010.04.06 16:00, Jeremy Johnson said:

      I think the truly successful people capture every single life lesson and learn from it. The times in my life where I’ve been frustrated, it’s because I haven’t learned from a previous experience and repeated the same mistake. Thanks for sharing this!

      • At 2010.04.06 19:46, Jarrod Clark said:

        @Joy – I agree to, there are no failings in life. If we can benefit from then we make it easier on ourselves in the future. Thanks for sharing!

        @Jeremy – Absolutely Jeremy and you know what else I noticed. A lot of successful people not only learn lessons but they use case studies in their businesses so that they can see what works best. Thanks for sharing!!

        • At 2010.04.08 02:03, ayo said:

          hi jarrod,
          how are you?
          reading the post on life lessons, i am reminded of the scripture which says count it all joy when you go through diverse trials for the working of your faith brings experience and experience brings hope………
          do have a lovely day

          • At 2010.04.08 09:52, Jarrod Clark said:

            @Ayo – That is a very applicable scripture! Thanks for contributing. You have a lovely day my friend!

            • At 2010.04.10 13:37, Kim said:

              Hi Jarrod,

              I’m glad I caught this post… It’s a wonderful illustration of the importance of consciousness and self-awareness.

              Sometimes it’s difficult to see the lesson while in the midst of a situation, but it is a question I often ask — ‘what is the lesson I’m suppose to learn?’ Going to retweet this now :)

              • At 2010.04.10 14:32, Jarrod Clark said:

                Thanks Kim, you’re right. While in the midst of a situation our focus isn’t on the lesson but the trial. Thanks for pointing that out. Thanks for the retweet!! :)

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