Agape Love; The Ultimate Love

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 (NIV)

Valentines Day has now come and gone, and when we think Valentines Day we think about all the love and romance in the air. What do you do, when your loved ones become extremely sick? Do you abandon them when they become someone totally different than the person they were when you met them?

The bible instructs us that we are to love unconditionally just as Jesus did when He was here on earth. The bible refers to this love as Agápe love. In ancient greek, the word Agápe refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true love” as opposed to the “passionate love” that we develop for one another.

The love that Jesus has for us is Agápe love in the ultimate sense, because He died on the cross so that we may be saved. It is the love that He has for us which covers our sins. And not only that, He declares that we are forgiven and that we can go to Him and ask anything in His name and He will provide. Now my friend if that is not a true love, then I don’t know what is.

Inspirational Messages | Agape Love Many times when people hurt or wrong us, it is natural for us to put up a wall and shut them out of our lives. Jesus doesn’t operate like that. I like how the scripture says, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” It’s the pure unconditional love that we should have for one another that will cover our sins toward each another.

I’m reminded of a true story of a husband and his wife who we’re having marital problems. They were told that the best way to to deal with their anger for each other, was to write down what their spouse does that makes them mad.

As they both began to write, the wife wrote down things that her husband does that makes her mad. As she finished, she put her pen and paper down and noticed that her husband was still writing. He kept writing and writing and just when she thought he was done, he turned over the paper and continued writing.

The more he kept writing, the angrier she got. When the he finished writing, they exchanged papers. As she read what her husband wrote, she felt bad and wanted to tear up her paper, because what she read went something like this: “I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife…. she may make me angry sometimes but in-spite of that, I love my wife!” He wrote this over and over again on front and back.

The reason she felt bad was because she wrote things on her paper that her husband did to make her mad; not once did she write, “I love my husband.”

Have you ever done someone wrong but instead of responding in anger, they responded in love? Due to their response, you probably felt bad because that wasn’t the response that you were expecting.

When you don’t respond in anger, despite of the way someone wrongs or hurts you, you are making a choice to love unconditionally. When you show love to someone who has hurt you, they get a conviction inside themselves.

I believe that conviction that they feel is God working on your behalf to show them where they are wrong. Make a point to show more agape love to those around you today, as you go through your life journey.

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