How to Change Your Negative Thoughts

An affirmation is something that you repeat over and over to yourself whether it’s a good thought or a bad thought. As I’ve stated in previous articles, there is power in the thoughts that you think. Our thoughts are based on our habits and what we are preconditioned to think.

Maybe you were raised in a negative environment and your parents raised you to think that you would never amount to anything. Maybe they didn’t say it directly but their actions communicated that you weren’t worthy of achieving greatness in your life.

Friends, know that negative thoughts are almost directly connected to our emotions and the way we feel. When you wake up in the morning, start the day off with a positive prayer.

Talk to God and thank Him for simply waking you. You should be thankful that you do have the mind of Christ. No matter what the enemy brings your way, declare greatness and prosperity over yourself.

Compliments of my Egyptian Licorice Tea It’s never too late to change your negative habits and negative thoughts. It takes time to change your thoughts. It won’t change over night but there’s a railroad effect, over time you will notice a difference. As you continue to think positively, you’re training your mind that there’s a positive side to every situation.

We know this because the bible tells us that “weeping may endure for night but joy cometh in the morning.”

The bible is full of positive affirmations. Take Philippians 4:13 which states “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

That is a familiar passage of scripture that most Christians know and have heard often throughout our lives.

How Do We Apply Affirmations To Our Lives?

Notice that if you repeat Philippians 4:13 over and over again to yourself, over a period of time you’ll notice a change in how you view yourself.

If you continue to think, “I can’t get anything right,” or “I’ll never amount to anything,” you’re teaching yourself that this is true.

When you get a family pet and you first give that pet a name, it doesn’t respond to that name right away because it hasn’t been conditioned to respond to it.

However over a period of time as you continue to call it by name, you’ll notice that it responds to the name that you’ve given it because it’s becoming conditioned to hearing the name that you’ve given it.

Simply make positive statements over and over throughout the day. At first it may seem a little strange especially if they’re statements that go against what you believe.

How Do We Develop Affirmations?

When we make a new habit it takes time to get used to it. Therefore, start by making a statement in present progressive term. For instance if you have a tendency to get sad easily, instead of simply saying something like “I am happy,” say “I am thankful that I am developing the joy of the Lord more and more every day”

Another example would be, if you are preconditioned to think that you will never achieve success, instead of simply saying “I am successful in everything I do,” say “I am thankful that I am steadily developing a successful mindset more and more everyday and in time I will achieve greatness like never before.”

Continue to make positive statements everyday to yourself and you will notice a difference in how you view yourself and how you feel. As time progresses you can change the affirmations from present progressive term to present action.

I would also suggest studying the word of God because the bible is full of affirmations and parables that will encourage and motivate you as you go through your journey in life.

Stay tuned because I will release an article of affirmations that will help you in changing your negative mindset.


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